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Chapter 13 “Good to see you in a place like this!”

Ferreira 1863 port

While preparing for an expedition to South America to look for dinosaurs, expedition leader's wife, Edith Challenor, who is having an affair with journalist Edmund Molloy, has announced her intention to seduce the new expedition clerk Daisy Thompson

“She said what?” aked Britten later that evening, as we sat in the salon of the Babylon Exploration Society. Edith had returned to Professor Challenor and I was finding that my increasing fame (due in good part to my photograph now appearing next to my byline in each one of my expedition articles) had made having quiet conversations in the Reform Club rather less easy. Of course the members acted as diffident towards visitors as usual but I was still regularly accosted there, especially by guests and even some of the staff. Everyone, it seemed, was fascinated by dinosaurs. 

 “She said she intended to have sexual relations with Daisy while I watch!” I repeated. 

“Good Lord! Well, that should be very exciting! Do you think she would mind if I came along too?”

“It’s not the Babylon Exploration Society. Just a couple of bare rooms in the Euston Hotel!” I replied. 

“I’d sit on the floor! Quite happily!” 

 “I suspect that Edith’s success in seducing me may have given her ideas beyond her capabilities,” I said. 

 “A woman seducing a man is a much easier proposition, you mean?” said Britten. I nodded. 

 “When Edith invited me to join her in the bath I did not think of Agnes or poor Professor Challenor. I hardly hesitated. I just jumped right in, given such an opportunity!” 

“Quite right! We just give in and morals be damned!” Britten said. “But, as I well know, a man seducing a woman is much more difficult, as they are so solicitous of their precious virtue.” 

“Quite! A woman seducing another woman would be very much more difficult than that!  I have heard that they have such women in Paris but in London? I do not think so!” I said. 

“Well they have some here!” he said. 

“Really? Well they are all foreign!” I replied 

“Mr Edmund!” came a familiar voice. It was Lord Hoxton, who approached our table by the fire.

“Lord James!” I replied standing up to shake his hand. “This is my particular friend Mr William!” 

“Yes, of course.  We have seen each other here before. Seen you with old Crozier,  May I join you, gentlemen?” 

“Please, sit down Lord James!” said Britten. 

“Good to see you in a place like this,” Hoxton said, indicating the salon, which was the busiest I had seen it tonight, my third visit. There were around a dozen girls in attendance, dressed in their underthings or long sheer negligees. One or two were just wearing stcockings and short camisoles; occasionally flashing glimpses of their posteriors or even their soft moss, as they moved about the room. It created a delightful atmosphere, I have to say. “Can’t abide men who aren’t interested in increasing their sexual tally at every opportunity, what?” 

“We were discussing a related issue just now,” said Britten, watching a blonde beauty’s behind as she walked past our table. 

“Were you now? Do carry on!” He waved at Jacob who approached the table. “Jacob, can you get us a bottle of the Ferreira sixty-three?” Jacob withdrew. “One the last great  pre-phylloxera ports in the cellar!” Hoxton observed.  I had no idea what phylloxera was and imagined that, perhaps, it was some armed insurrection in Portugal, as they had only recently removed their king. I only later discovered it was a vine root eating beetle. “So what was the nature of your discussion? I may have some pertinent observations based on my own experience.” Britten looked at me. 

“If I may elucidate, on behalf of Mr Edmund?” I nodded but indicated with my eyes that he should be careful. Britten explained about Agnes. 

“Ah, the lovely girl at the British Museum!” said Hoxton. “I thought you said she was just a friend!” 

“Well, now she is that. At most!” I said. I did not like speaking about her, now. Britten explained that, in order to overcome my disappointment and frustration, he had brought me to the Babylon Exploration Society. 

“Best place to get over perfidious and ungrateful women!” said Hoxton, sympathetically. “A nice, hot, wet cunny eases all the stresses of life!” Britten continued my story. 

 “Now Mr Edmund has got involved with an older woman. An older married woman, who recently seduced him by inviting him to share a bath with her.” 

 “Might that be Mrs George Challenor?” ventured Hoxton, winking at Britten. 

“Well, I ah...” I started to blush furiously. 

“Anything that is said within the confines of the Babylon Exploration Society remains private. Nothing is said outside. My discretion is assured!” said Hoxton. 

“I cannot tell a lie...” I began, sounding like a former President of the United States, “especially to you, Lord James.” 

“Well done, Molloy. Need to know we can trust each other when we are in a tight spot. No secrets from expedition members, eh?” 

“Unless you are Professor Challenor!” said Britten. I glared at him. I apologised to Hoxton for misleading him but confessed that I was having a physical only (I emphasised, as if that somehow made it more acceptable) relationship (he seemed to think that was the only relationship worth having anyway) with Mrs Challenor.

“Well done Molloy! Edith Challenor, eh? Splendid titties I would imagine!” he chortled. "Unfashionably voluptuous, thank God!"

“She is a very handsome woman!” I said. 

“So that picture of the lady with the wonderful arse was her?” he continued. 

“Indeed,” I agreed, already desperately hoping that this confession would not return to bite me in the future. 

“She’s a tasty bint with a lovely bottom but a tad petite for my tastes! Like a girl to be a bit more strapping!” he said. “Tall. Have a bit more meat on her. Something to get hold of! Long legs and a big arse, in particular!   Like Lady Caroline!”  The port arrived and we paused to take our first appreciative sips of this superb vintage, although Jacob fussed that it had not been decanted for nearly long enough. "Bought the whole lot from the Society so they keep it here just for me," explained Hoxton.  "Don't want that cheeky fellah Crozier ordering any!"  Britten then explained how Edith wanted to introduce another party into the relationship. “Does she now?” said Hoxton. “Not the Professor? Although that might not be too bad. Depends on the chap, of course. I was in Singapore a few years ago and was underneath a splendid married lady. Wife of a major. She was on top, grinding away like a Turkish dancer, hair unbound and hanging down all over the place.  Unfortunately, her husband returned to the house early. Thing was, I didn’t see or hear him.  Couldn't see past the bint's hair all over me face!  I saw her look round behind her, smile and look back at me. It was only when I felt a strange pressure on me todger that I thought something odd was happening. Nearly got the shock of me life when his head appeared over her shoulder! He’d come up behind her and taken her up the arse while she carried on riding me. I could feel his todger pressing on mine through the wall of her shit tunnel. It was actually rather pleasant and all three of us pretty much came together! Nothing like being one of two chaps as you take on the same woman. Finest feeling on earth! Apart from nailing your first stag on the Scottish moors!”

“Good Lord!” said William, looking shocked. 

 “That sort of situation involving Professor Challenor would soon have me losing any wherewithal to proceed,” I said. Hoxton laughed. 

“No, my lady wants to introduce another lady into the equation!” I said. 

“Excellent! Then Christmas has come early for you! There is always the slight danger with gels that they find they prefer the sexual company of each other and may edge you out, as I have found once or twice, but much fun can be had along the way!” said Hoxton, leaning back in his chair. 

“To be honest I am not entirely sure what two women together might involve...” I said. 

“That’s easily dealt with! I am sure Caroline’s daughters would give you a splendid demonstration but why wait, eh?” said Hoxton and waved at a dark haired, Mediterranean looking girl. “Gina, me lovely, do you think you can locate Madame Nathalie. We would like an entertainment arranged!” A few minutes later, after I had spent some time trying to avoid answering very intimate questions about Edith’s anatomy and sexual preferences from Hoxton, Madame Nathalie, resplendent in a tight royal blue evening dress, appeared before us accompanied by Jacob. We stood up. “Ah, Nat! Me new young friend Mr Edmund here, was pondering on the subject of tribadic activity. He has no experience of gel to gel passion and is fascinated by the subject. Wondered if you might be able to arrange a little demonstration for us! On my account of course.” 

“Please sit down gentlemen,” said Madame Nathalie. We did so. “I ‘ave recent experience of Mr Edmund ‘oo is a gentleman wiz a great natural..." she looked at my groin, "curiosity, I sink!  If only I 'ad known your interest then 'oshimi and I could 'ave been more demonstrative towards each ozzere!” She smiled at me, sat down on Hoxton’s lap and looked very comfortable doing so. Hoxton put his arm around her waist. I began to get erect, inconveniently, remembering her and Hoshimi's attentions upon my body previously. “Luckily, ze two ideal candidates are free. Jacob, get Lord James and ‘is party some more port while I organise sings!” She smiled at me, hopped off Hoxton’s lap and undulated off.

“Splendid!” said Hoxton. “Nothing like your first experience of watching two gels together. Finest feeling on Earth. Except for reeling in a Blue Marlin off the California coast!” 

Some time, and quite a lot of port, later, Hoxton, Britten and I were collected by Jacob who took us up three floors to what was, I later found out, the top storey of the building. This was Madame Nathalie’s private apartment and was decorated in a very different, delicate, flora style to the rest of the club. It was just as full, however, of erotic works of art and I was rather surprised to see a collection of representations of the erect male member lined up on one lacquered cabinet like so many artillery shells. I stared at them in fascination. “Perhaps I should ‘ave a plaster cast made of yours, Mr Edmund. It would enhance my collection considerably!” she said, picking up a black representation of a male member and stroking it delicately. 

“Gosh are these all copies of...?” I began. One or two of them were over a foot long and had the girth of a large cucumber. 

“None of zem are modelled on reality,” she laughed. “Zey are all fantasy!” She carefully replaced the phallus on the black lacqured surface. “Yours would ‘old its big ‘ead ‘igh in such company, Mr Edmund!” I blushed as Hoxton looked at me in amusement and Britten frowned. “But enough of cock! We are ‘ear to celebrate cunt! I do apologise zat we cannot find you a normal room tonight but we are particularly busy! I also apologise zat I cannot stay wiz you but zere are many members to attend to.” She laughed. “So to speak! I ‘ope to see you soon!” 

Madame Nathalie indicated that we should sit in the three large armchairs which were facing a chaise longue, opposite. They had obviously been positioned especially for us, as they did not fit with the layout of the room. She took her leave of us and Britten poured us each a glass of port which had been placed on the small marble topped table in front of our chairs. 

“What now?” I asked, excited and anxious at the same time. No sooner had I uttered the words than the door opened and the Swedish girl, Anna and the German girl I recognised as Bettina, entered the room. We all stood, of course, but the two blondes waved us to sit. Both were dressed, if I can even use the term, in a short chemise that left their shoulders, arms and legs enticingly bare. 

“I think we are now about to be presented with the entertainment!” said Britten. And so it proved because the two ladies sat at either end of the chaise longue and began to kiss each other, fully on the lips. You may be surprised to hear this (although my publisher adds that you almost certainly will not!) but they disported for us just like a pair of male and female lovers might. I confess to finding their kisses alone, tender at first and then increasingly passionate, to be most arousing. Then Anna pulled the shoulder strap of Bettina’s chemise down and gave us a look at her fine breast, which was full but with a slightly upturned tip and topped by the palest of pink nipples. Anna proceeded to kiss it, lick it and even catch it between her teeth; tugging on the teat.  Bettina was not idle during the process but caressed the other blonde’s thigh, pushing the hem of her chemise up so that her naked hip and pale haunch were revealed to our rapt gaze. The publisher has asked that I describe their disporting in detail but the truth is, that unlike most of my accounts here, which I recorded almost contemporaneously, the scenes that took place before us in the Babylon Exploration Society that night have blurred into a series of impressions rather than any coherent recollection. In my memory it is rather like what happens if you are observing a scene through an out of focus telescope where, as someone else turns the focus ring, you get brief views of perfect clarity before the blurred vision returns. Of course, the fact that we had consumed large amounts of Champagne and port contributed to my lack of recollection, no doubt! I do not feel, able, therefore, to provide the sort of blow by blow description one of my sports desk colleagues might of a boxing match. I found it easier to remember the gist of conversation for some reason but I have always had a retentive memory for quotations. 

A number of things are burned into my memory, however. The moment Anna knelt up on the chaise longue and gently removed Bettina’s chemise, leaving her completely naked before us. I do remember wondering how any object could contain quite so many outrageous curves. Watching Anna squeeze and knead Bettina’s breasts and how pliant the flesh was and how long her teats were. Watching Bettina caressing Anna’s golden thatched mound and then slipping no less than three fingers inside her as the Swedish girl writhed in ecstasy. The two of them lying together fingering each other as they kissed and squirmed. The unforgettable sight of Anna putting her face between Bettina’s thighs and the wet lapping sounds as she applied her tongue to Bettina’s parts, kissing and licking her sex. They changed position many times and I particularly enjoyed watching them sit, legs akimbo, facing us, as their fingers delved deeply into each other’s cunnies. At the end of their exhibition, the two women were lying on the chaise longue, head to sex, as they licked and kissed each other’s intimate parts in what Edith had called soixante-neuf. 

 “Now do you see why some women visit here?” asked Britten, as the two women, who appeared to have reached a sexual climax with each other, lay together tenderly kissing each other’s pale skin. 

“I have never imagined such a thing!” I said. “It was not only arousing but really rather beautiful and tender!” 

“I am glad zat you enjoyed it!” came a voice behind us. We turned to see that Madam Nathalie had slipped into the room, dressed in an ornate cream silk and lace peignoir. We stood once more but I was very conscious of my erection. I deliberately resisted looking down at Britten or Hoxton’s groins. “Anna and Bettina 'ave a genuine love for each ozzere which makes their performance so much more ausentic. Would you like to take them? I think we are all now very aroused!” 

“Do you know, I would not want to spoil it for them. They looked so enraptured with each other I feel we should leave them to it!” I said. Partly, I admit, I was saying this because deep down I felt guilty and not a little ashamed of myself for visiting what was, after all, a house of ill-repute, albeit a very luxurious one. I had upon me a sense of moral superiority which I wished to display to my companions. Having found a woman who wanted to engage with me physically, of her own accord, I could not help but think that the purchasing of pleasure was rather tawdry. I could understand it for men who could not attract women, perhaps, or who had shrewish and unresponsive wives. 

“How soughtful, Mr Edmund. But I can assure you zat zey would be delighted to be taken zis very minute. Wouldn’t you girls?” Madame Nathalie went over to the chaise longue and caressed them both. She kissed them both on the lips and stroked their cheeks. They sat up and then approached us. Bettina kneeling before me, having carefully moved the marble table a few inches and Anna before Britten. Madame Nathalie knelt before Lord Hoxton, who sat between us. 

“What?” I said, as Bettina began to undo my fly buttons. I was not about to expose myself in front of my friends! I gently pushed her hands away but they fluttered back like darting birds. “William?” I said, looking towards him and then wished I hadn’t. I was presented with the sight of Anna just placing her mouth over his knob. I had never seen another man’s erect manhood before and I found it quite disturbing. However, it was too late to argue as Madame Nathalie had slipped out of her peignoir, so she was as naked as the other two and was already caressing Hoxton’s rod which, unlike mine was dead straight, very long but tapered to a comparatively small tip, rather like a particularly large white asparagus spear.  In fact. it rather reminded me of the tapering neck of the port bottle which sat on the table, although it was much, much longer. I had to take my eyes off it with some effort as I experienced a mixture of horror and fascination as my two companions were being gamahuched. Betina was now fumbling inside my trousers and I felt her fingers curl around my manhood. 

“I’m sorry Bettina but I already have a lady.” I said. 

“How nice!” she said pulling me out of my trousers.  "Oh!  How very nice indeed!"  She started to lick my length. 

“But you mustn’t!” I said. 

“What’s the problem, Mr Edmund?” asked Hoxton, looking at my manhood as Bettina continued to lick it like a Christmas candy cane. 

“Well, Edith...” I began, gently trying to push Bettina’s head away. 

“You are worried about being unfaithful to a woman who is being unfaithful to her husband with you?” asked Britten, also looking over at me, to my chagrin. 

“That is a point,” I admitted, as Bettina’s soft mouth enveloped my knob. “What happens with the ladies in here does not count in your life outside,” said Hoxton. 

“Well, perhaps,” I said, already retreating from my moral stance due to the gentle ministrations of Bettina who now had her fingers around my shaft. 

“She is very good at this!” I admitted, Bettina looked up at me, her eyes smiling. All thoughts of pushing her away left me, despite my discomfort with the overall situation. 

“Can’t beat a good sucking off!” observed Hoxton. “Finest feeling on Earth! Other than getting your falcon to take down its first pigeon! Splendid curve on yours, Mr Edmund!” said Hoxton.

“Would you chaps stop looking at me!” I said, trying to cover my erection with my hands causing Bettina to pull off me. 

“You should never be ashamed of a splendid todger!” said Hoxton. “Be proud of it! Flaunt it! The women will come begging!” 

 “It is quite impressive, old chap!” said Britten. “You recent success with women is now explained!” I blushed as Bettina had resumed gently stroking it, keeping it, stiff. 

“Even so. It feels jolly odd to be displaying my privates in front of my friends!” I said. 

“Something you need to get over!  Indeed you seem to have done so already!” said Hoxton as Bettina resumed slowly gamahuching me. “You’ve both passed me little test! I now feel that I can happily invite you to me birthday party the weekend after next!” 

“Your birthday party?” I asked, struggling with holding a conversation with someone while we were both been attended to intimately by lovely women.  “A test?” 

“Yes. Me birthday party! Fifty people or more all writhing around naked together for two days. Such fun! Any reservations about the naked form disappears within an hour, I find. Concern over other embarrassment soon follows suit. Everywhere one looks are cocks, balls, arses, tittiies and quims. People fucking, sucking, licking, buggering, moaning and cursing. Spunk flying. People pissing on each other. It’s a riot! Crates of Champagne help, of course! We have it down at me place in Hampshire! You must both come!  A suitable send off for us before we are eaten by dinosaurs!” 

Bettina and Anna had swapped places and now the Swedish girl was gently pumping my manhood as Britten, disconcertingly watched us. 

“Thank you, Lord James. Sounds very educational!” said Britten.  “Don’t worry old chap,” Britten added to me. “You can imagine how I felt when my father got his out in a Parisian bordello in front of me! And then made me do the same.” said Britten. “Haven’t seen one since then, though, I should add!” 

It says much for the lascivious atmosphere in that room (as well as the effects of the port and Champagne) that I watched with detached interest as Madame Nathalie undressed Hoxton who then took her from behind on the the chaise longue. Neither showed any embarrassment at performing in front of us. It was my first experience of observing others copulate. I was fascinated by the action as Hoxton slid in and out of Madame’s thick black bush, his member glistening with her juices. I could also see Britten’s bouncing rear between Bettina’s thighs as they rutted on the rug. Given her earlier oral ministrations I felt a pang of jealousy. Unlike the other two men I was still dressed but Anna had turned her back on me and then sat down on my lap guiding me into her wetness before starting to thrust her bottom against me. I only pushed her off some minutes later, just as I was about to spend and spattered my essence all over her back. which was covered I noticed, with enticing, pale gold hairs. 

“Thank you!” she whispered and smiled. I looked up, just as Hoxton stiffened and stopped moving, apparently spending, inside Madame Nathalie, to my surprise. He looked at me and winked. Britten grunted on the floor but had also withdrawn to empty his balls over Bettina’s belly. I watched, now no longer embarrassed, as his tip emitted copious amounts of ejaculate. Bettina rubbed it into her skin. As I watched him, Anna undressed me, although I remember thinking it was rather late in the proceedings. Still, I did not resist but meekly submitted to her touch. 

 “I can see that both you chaps will be great additions to me birthday party!” said Hoxton, his arm around Madame Nathalie’s waist as he sat on the chaise longue next to her, some time later. We were all now quite naked, except Madame who had dressed in her peignoir, although she kept it enticingly undone at the front.  Anna and Bettina lay naked together, curled up in front of the fire like two cats, kissing and stroking each other tenderly. “How many girls will you be able to bring this year, Nat?” 

“Oh, I sink at least fifteen. Perhaps more! I will ‘ope ze Turkish twins will have arrived by zen. The problems in ze Balkans ‘ave meant zat zey ‘ave ‘ad to travel by sea. Anna and Bettina 'ave also volunteered” The two blondes turned and smiled at me. “Hoshimi too, you may be pleased to know, Mr Edmund!” She stood up and crossed the floor to offer me some more port. I shook my head and put my hand over my glass.  I could smell her musky scent as she stood next to my chair.  Britten and Hoxton both took some more port. 

“I was wondering if she might be here this evening,” I said. 

“She is, but is entertaining a lady member zis evening!” said Madame. “Otherwise I would 'ave asked 'er to join us!” 

 Oddly, I soon became used to sitting around with a group of naked people and I mentioned the new fashion in Germany for ordinary people to be naked with each other.

 “Sound people, the Germans!” said Hoxton. We chatted about the forthcoming expedition and both Anna and Bettina were anxious that I didn't get eaten by a dinosaur.  I assured them that Lord Hoxton's rifle would protect me. 

"Don't let dinosaurs eat him, Lord James," said Anna in her sing-song Swedish accent.

"He is delicious, though!" laughed Bettina.  I blushed again.

Hoxton's forthcoming party was the next topic of discussion and the others worked their way through a magnum of Pol Roger. Much to my surprise. I learned that the girls attending from the Babylon Exploration Society would not be the only women at Hoxton’s party. Hoxton explained that there would be a number of society ladies there as well, including Lady Caroline and, for the first time, apparently, her daughters. He had not been able to have a celebration the previous year as he was in Brazil and the girls were too young for the event two years ago ('only just' he maintained, to my shock, as they would have been just thirteen and fifteen at the time) which had seen Lady Caroline's first attendance.

“Gives you another chance at Caroline's girls, eh?” Hoxton said, winking. "Mr Edmund turned 'em down the other week in favour of the undeniable charms of Mrs Challenor," he said to Britten.  "Such faithfulness.  Can't understand it all!"

"Oh, I think I would have succumbed!" said Britten.  "Such lovely girls!"

"Well I must make sure that they both attend to you next weekend!" said Hoxton, to Britten's visible delight.  “Now, Mr Edmund, why don’t you bring the lovely Edith?” 

“Yes do,” said Britten. I could have thumped him. 

“Have you met her?” Hoxton asked him. “Seen the drawing of her arse?” 

 “Oh yes. She is a modern woman but I do not think she would participate in such an event. She would want to keep her identity secret for one!” he said. “And I think she would only want to be intimate with Mr Edmund, here!”

“Well everyone agrees in writing to never mention who else they see there. We have many married ladies without their husbands. Married men without their wives. Some husbands and wives too! Quite a few chaps from the House of Lords, a Bishop, one crown prince from Europe. Well known men and women from all over. Judges, MP’s, surgeons. We have a very eminent gynaecologist who is particularly popular with the ladies. No hint of anything has ever leaked out. Although the same cannot be said of all the orifices!” He laughed. “I know that you are a journalist but we all leave our professions at the gate!” 

 “It does sound intriguing!” I said. 

 “You simply must come!” said Madame Nathalie. “And bring your lady! You could do some drawings if you are uncomfortable in participating, ze two of you!” 

“Yes! Drawings! Splendid idea!” said Hoxton. “Usual rate, eh, Mr Edmund? We do get some couples, usually, who just want to watch but I can tell you that they all join in, in the end! Without exception! Now, I need to piss, Nat!” He stood up and left the room. Madame Nathalie followed him. 

 “I need to go too!” I said to Britten, who was sat in one of the armchairs with Anna on his lap. He was stroking the side of her splendid breast. I felt another twinge of jealousy. “Where is it?” 

 “Don’t know, old chap. Never been up here before. Rarified territory; the top floor!  A mysterious plateau full of unexplored delights!”   I laughed.

I pulled on my trousers and shirt and went downstairs from Madame Nathalie’s apartment to a water closet I knew was two floors below. I emptied my bladder with relief as I looked at a photograph in front of me of a young lady going in a chamber pot. What sort of woman would pose for such a lewd photograph, I wondered?  A professional one, I supposed.  I started to feel guilty and wondered how I would face Edith when I next saw her.  When I returned upstairs Madame Nathalie and Lord Hoxton had returned and were sat on the chaise longue watching Bettina piss into the Champagne bucket. Madame Nathalie nodded at me as I entered the room. 

“Lord James. Ready for action again I see!” said Madame Nathalie, massaging Hoxton’s length. 

“Always gets me. A pissing popsy!” he grinned.

"On all fours, dear," said Madame to Bettina, handing her a paper tissue.  "And don't drip on my rug!"  Bettina wiped herself and went on all fours as Hoxton stood up, his long member sticking out horizontally, like a naval gun. 

The door opened behind me and I turned to see Hoshimi enter the room, She was dressed in just a pair of black stockings with pale blue garters. She smiled at me. I took in her delicate, naked body. 

“Looks like it's exotic oriental women that do if for young Mr Ednund!” laughed Hoxton as he knelt behind Bettina's round bottom.

“Good Lord, old chap! There is no stopping you. either!” laughed Britten. I looked down at the burgeoning erection in my trousers and had to agree. Hoshimi approached me, her hand outstretched.

Chapter notes on this episode can be found here.


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